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Teak ( Tectona grandis ) is an immensely stable timber, dense in nature, ideal for garden furniture. Natural teak timber varies widely in color from soft, even blonde to rich patterns of golden amber and deep brown. When the furniture is outdoors and untreated, the sun and rain will change all colors to an even, warm, silvery gray. Exceptionally strong and durable, remaining smooth to the touch, immune to warp and rot, teak furnishings last for decades through bright sun, rain, snow and a wide range of seasonal temperatures.

Care Options
Teak furniture does not need to be covered, coddled, or stored every time it rains or snows. Left outdoors, it will weather to a soft grey as it settles into the landscape; lichen and harmless airborne molds may inhabit surfaces over time if the furniture is placed out of sunlight. Yearly scrubbing with oil-based wood soap helps keep these surface changes under control. Should you prefer the original, honey color of new teak or the soft gray of newly weathered teak, we suggest a Teak Cleaner, Protector, and Patinizer .

Surface Clean
An occasional wash with warm, soapy water removes moss. Teak should never be power-washed as this could damage the wood. Add extra cleaning strength by using Simple Green®. This non-toxic product, found in grocery and hardware stores, cleans the surface without disturbing the silvery gray patina.

Oil finishes
Oil finishes are popular, as they can be restored and maintained easily - and, unlike varnishes and sprayed finishes, they do not conceal the wood’s tactile qualities.

Apply Paint or Stain
Should you wish to apply color to your furniture, we suggest using a high-quality exterior penetrating stain. We do not recommend painting teak furniture because of its high oil content. Consult your local paint specialist for further information. When placing an order, request wood samples for testing.

Ecological Harvesting
We begin with environmentally farmed plantation teak from the island of Java, where teak production and replanting are stringently enforced by a government entity. Perum Perhutani operates on a strict policy regulating the number of trees felled compared to the number of trees replanted for future harvest. Teak or Tectonis Grandis is not timber that grows in tropical rainforests, but in terrain that is dry and hilly. We sell only teakwood guaranteed to have been responsibly harvested — never wood from other countries where forest clear-cutting occurs.
Due to its limited supply, this teakwood is more expensive than trees that are indiscriminately felled and put on the grey market. Beware of competitors who advertise cheap “Made in Indonesia” or “Made in USA” furniture. In all likelihood, it is made from wood originating in the threatened forests in Africa and Myanmar. On Java, harvesting and replanting occur in 30-40 year cycles to ensure that this precious natural resource continues to thrive, producing jobs and wealth for its citizens. We will accept no alternative.